23 The Groves, Chester, CH1 1SD

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About Us

A warm family home since the early 19th century, first owned by the Dodds, a family of boat builders with a side business selling smoked hams and bacon. From one boat builder to another, Capner bought the home and the business towards the end of the 19th century and transformed their front room into the café that the people of Chester have known and loved ever since.

Everything on our menu is exactly the way you would expect it to be, with no hidden surprises and no trendy flourishes. Favourite English dishes served in a uniquely English way.

We know how great our menu is and we know how rich the history of our building and our surroundings is, so how could we possibly communicate with our customers in anything but a confident, proud and straight talking, yet still grounded manner?

We’re proud of our history – everything that we are, and everything that we’ve been in the past. We hope that you enjoy your visit.

Latest News

We’ve changed our name and our interior over the years, but we’ve never been anything but a staple of Chester living – both culturally and historically.

With The Moorings, we’re returning to where it all began – a traditional English eatery, with everything you would expect. Our name is, of course, a direct reference to our building’s boating history, our Rowing Club neighbours and the beautiful River Dee itself.